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Gold-Pay Poker Rooms

Online poker enthusiasts who are looking for an online deposit method that is as good as gold will be delighted to find the convenience and security waiting for them at Gold-Pay Poker Rooms.  Gold-Pay is the revolutionary online payment solution that is fundamentally summed up as gold backed currency which is used for ecommerce expenditures, such as funding your account at your favorite Gold-Pay Casino, or Online Poker Room That Accepts Gold-Pay.  Goldpay not only allows your to make online deposits to Goldpay Poker Rooms and other Gold-Pay merchants, but also facilitates transactions for transferring money to absolutely anyone who has an email address, therefor your Gold-Pay account is useful for an unlimited array of e-wallet needs. 

Gold-Pay Poker Rooms are able to offer their customers one of the simplest and safest online deposit method options available.  Gold-pay features 5 convenient funding options: Western Union, MoneyGram, Xoom, Bank Wire and eCheck.  Goldpay users are provided detailed instructions to easily walk them through the few simple steps involved in making an online payment.  Withdrawing funds from your Goldpay Poker Room account is just as user friendly, offering poker buffs a choice of Western Union, MoneyGram or Bank Wire as their withdrawal options.  Gold-Pay's lightening fast withdrawals are processed in 24-48 hours, depending on option used.  Gold-Pay puts the power of gold at your fingertips, so that instead of worrying about the security of your financial security, you can focus on your poker hand.